10 Popular Herbs and Spices Found in Spanish Dishes (Translated To English)


In Spanish cuisine, dishes are made with ingredients that are plentiful in the region. The land is perfect for growing a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Combined with a tradition of using flavorful spices and herbs like cumin, oregano, paprika, and bay leaves, the food is bursting with color and texture.


The most popular dish in Spain is paella, which is made with saffron rice, meat (chicken, rabbit, or pork), vegetables (onions, peppers), tomatoes, and seafood (mussels or clams). Other popular dishes include tapas – small plates of food that are meant to be eaten as an appetizer – and tortilla española


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Herbs And Spices Usually Found In Spanish Food


Spanish cuisine is known for its rich, savory flavors and unique ingredients. It’s no wonder that the country has been referred to as the “culinary capital of the world.” Spanish food typically includes seasoned meats, vegetables, and sauces with a variety of spices. Here are the most common ingredients, herbs, and spices usually found in the Spanish kitchen.


Aceite de oliva translates to Olive Oil.


In Spanish cooking, olive oil is usually the first one used in many Spanish cooking. The use of olive oil in cooking is ubiquitous. Olive oil’s benefits are wide-ranging and include the ability to help foods retain moisture, promote health and ease digestion. Olive oil can be used as a healthy fat that is low in calories and essential nutrients.


Azafrán translates to Saffron.


Saffron is a popular spice that is a key ingredient in many different types of dishes in Spain. This expensive spice can be found in soups, sauces, pastries, and risotto. It is made from the saffron crocus flower and has been used for thousands of years in Persian culture, among others. Spain produces some of the best saffron in the world.


Pimenton translates to Paprika


Paprika has always served a special contribution to Spanish cooking. There are three types of paprika – dulce, agridulce, and picante which translates to mildly hot, slightly bitter hot, and spicy hot. In Spain, they have special paprika. This special paprika has gone through the process of drying and smoking in order to achieve a distinctive smokey flavor.


Vinagre de Jerez translates to Sherry Vinegar


Sherry Vinegar is a type of vinegar that is made from the juice of fermented Sherry. It’s typically used in cooking, sauces, and punch because of its sweetness. Vinegar is believed to be one of the most ancient condiments in the world. The smoothness of the wood with the sharp acidity produces its complex flavor.


Ajo translates to Garlic


It has been said that Spain was the first to introduce garlic as a spice throughout the world. Garlic is used in many dishes from sauteed dishes to marinates even in soups and sauces.


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