2023 Food and Drink Trends

Food and drink fashions change every year. It’s no wonder that the food and drink business has seen the such dramatic transformation, especially as we near the close of a year that has been marked by its share of ups and downs.


Getting Back to Eating more Natural, Whole Foods

In 2023, we will practice what is known as “ancestral eating,” which involves eating meals that bring back memories of our own or other people’s childhoods. Inspired in part by the modern trend toward what can only be described as “over-the-top” dining experiences.


Get used to the term “Coffee-Free Coffee”

Sometimes it seems like you’ve seen everything, when in fact you’ve just touched the surface. We’ve seen meatless meat, milkless milk, and fishless fish, but coffee-less coffee has eluded us… until now. Scientists have warned that coffee trees are highly vulnerable to climate change, therefore coffee aficionados are scrambling to find suitable substitutes before the crop reaches its predicted peak in 2023.


Concern with Intestinal Well-being

Throughout the past 12 months, #guthealth has been a trending subject on TikTok, with over 2.4 billion hits and counting. And as people become more concerned about their digestive systems, a new category of biotics known as postbiotics will emerge.