Food and Bowling – What to Expect

Bowling differs from traditional bowling in many ways: Rather than “all nine” you throw “strikes” and “spares”, the ball is known as a ball and has holes, the lane is oiled. Bowling was invented in the United States of America by bowling friends who desired to bypass a ban.


A casino game for lawbreakersbowling-alley

Bowling started in the mid-19th century in the United States. German and Dutch immigrants brought it with them. The initial lanes and bowling clubs are set up quickly, but it’s not uncommon for them to have the side effects that bowling has recently had in Europe: You can find wagers, people drink a whole lot, and the overall game often ends in arguments and fights.

This is why many local administrations prohibit the overall game of nine pins. The bowling enthusiasts are not deterred and simply set up ten skittles which are called “pins” in bowling to bypass the law.


It all hangs on the equipmentbowling-shoes

The overall game is played in special shoes, which, thanks to their different soles, allows you to slide across the track until it’s released. You can borrow these shoes in any bowling alley, but ambitious players bring their very own shoes and insert different soles for the nature of the alley.

The same goes for the balls: a self-respecting bowler only plays with his own, custom-made balls. The balls are available in many variants and with different, mostly asymmetrical cores. This changes the rotation, direction, and speed of the ball. An alternative ball can be used in the game situation. You can check this list of urethane bowling balls that might interest you more in playing bowling.


Leisure time is fun for young peopletwo-people-bowling-alley

Bowling experienced a boom in Germany after the 1990s. In lots of cities, new bowling centers are opening, which attracts a lot and new, fun-oriented audiences through the use of loud music, fluorescent balls, and the meals they serve that make people enjoy every moment they spend.

Just like traditional bowling, bowling is primarily a leisure activity. Joining a club and participating in regular competitions is out of the question for most of them.