Grilling Guide: What Do You Drink With It?

Of course, a barbecue evening always includes the right drinks. Without water, lemonade, cola and juices, nothing works at first. Wine goes mainly with fish and beer with meat.

Basically, of course, everyone should drink the drink they like best with the respective dish, but there are definitely drinks that go particularly well with certain dishes and optimally support their taste.

What must be available at every barbecue party are well-chilled, non-alcoholic drinks such as water, lemonade and juices. You can always follow this guide and enjoy a barbecue evening.

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Grill guide: The right drinks for grilled meat

Anyone who is basically a beer drinker will also prefer their beer to any kind of grilled meat. Therefore, the cool beer should not be missing at any barbecue party.

Beer goes well with all types of grilled meat, whether with simple grilled sausages or hearty meat.

Wine also goes well with grilled meat. There is the general rule that white wine goes well with white meat and red wine goes with dark meat. However, you can just as easily serve red wine with the grilled and marinated chops.

The lighter the grilled dish, the more you tend towards a white wine. A good red wine usually goes well with the often heavily seasoned pieces of meat.


Grill guide: The right drinks for grilled fish

A bottle of white wine goes well with almost all grilled fish dishes. Dry white wines underline the fine fish taste better than sweet white wines.

A glass of red wine goes well with fatter fish species. But you should note that it should be a light red wine.

Beer drinkers should not be forgotten when it comes to grilled fish.

Grill guide: Suitable drinks for grilled fruit

You can also rarely grill fruits and the sweet delicacies from the grill are a pleasure. A very light white rose or red wine goes well with this, depending on the type of fruit.

If grilling in winter, warming mulled wine or grog goes well with the grilled apple, for example. Beer doesn’t go well with grilled fruit.


Grill guide: Suitable drinks for grilled vegetables

If you love grilled vegetables, you can drink wine or beer with them, depending on the type of vegetable. A light white wine goes well with the sweet corn on the cob, but also a cold beer.

If marinated vegetables are prepared in grill pans, for example, a light red wine can also be suitable.