Health Wonders of Cold Brew Coffee

Nowadays, most of the young coffee lovers out there are gearing toward drinking cold brew coffee. Compared to conventional coffee, cold brew coffee just comes from coffee beans. These beans were steeped in cold water for a period of 12 to 24 hours. This is more likely close to steeping a teabag in a bigger version.

In cold brew coffee, the heat is not the one responsible for extracting the flavor. But, it is the time in which the steeping process revolved. The said steeping process is more subtle on the coffee bean resulting in a less bitter flavor.


Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

So, aside from the great taste that it offers, cold brew coffee has lots of wonders that it can provide to the body. And, here are the following:


Assist in weight loss

Due to the high amount of caffeine, cold brew coffee is known to help in losing weight. After working out, you just need to drink a cup of cold brew coffee in order to increase the energy or the after-burn factor.


Ideal for those with sensitive stomachs

 The process of brewing does not use heat in the entire process of brew coffee making. A smoother and less acidic coffee will be the end result here. With that, those who are prone to acid reflux or with a sensitive stomach can able to tolerate cold brew coffee.