Healthy Diet In The DB Office

Often there is no time for a healthy diet in the office. The options also seem limited such as canteen, snack bar or bakery around the corner. But there are simple ways in which you can eat healthily in the office despite little time.


How to eat healthy in the DB office

It is not at all difficult to implement a healthy diet in the Deutsche Bahn office.

Deutsche Bahn

DB office meal: Prepare and avoid the bad canteen food

Canteen food only rarely tastes really good for you. It is usually very rich in fat and calories. So it is neither beneficial for your figure nor your health.

The solution to the canteen problem is simple: pre-cooking. If you cook in the evening, just cook double the amount. Put them in a Tupperware jar and warm them up in the office the next day. Ideally, you have a microwave on site. You’ll have a healthier meal in no time.


DB office meal: Prepare colourful salads and slices of bread

As a rule, you consider salads and slices of bread to be bland. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily spice up salads. For example with cheese, tofu, lentils, fruits, fresh herbs, nuts or quinoa. It is best to fill the dressing separately so that the salad won’t get mushy. By the way, you can prepare both the dressing and the salad for several days.


Drink enough in the DB office

Many of you start the day with coffee. And drink the black gold over and over again throughout the day. But you shouldn’t cover your daily fluid needs with coffee. Too much is unhealthy. Drinking enough is part of a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, drink one and a half to two litres of water a day or unsweetened tea. You will notice that you feel healthier and fitter. And concentrate better.

Eat consciously in the DB office

Often you gobble down your food. But that’s not healthy. Take a look at how fast you eat. Chew a little longer. Also, perceive the taste and the smell. Even with little time, it is possible to eat mindfully. It will probably help you if you enjoy tasty meals instead of the canteen. Stop putting your health behind work commitments. Food can only be digested well if you eat slowly. And you perceive your feeling of satiety better.