Link Building For Food And Drink Companies

Link building has been an important term in online marketing for many years. Every link on another website that points to your company website is a kind of recommendation for Google and other search engines. The “better” the source of the link is, the more you benefit from the link and the higher up you are for certain search terms displayed in the search results.


Link building and sustainability

In contrast to a paid ad on Google AdWords or an ad on Facebook, which delivers the first results in a short time, link building takes longer before the first successes appear. The big advantage of link building, however, is that the results are sustainable and last. If you reduce the budget for paid advertising on Google or Facebook, you will automatically reach fewer people. If you end the campaign entirely, it’s as if the ad never existed. When it comes to link building, things are very different. A set backlink usually remains in place for at least a year or longer. That means you only have one-off costs and your website can benefit from it for a long time.


Only natural link-building is good link building

In addition to the number of backlinks on your website, the quality of the source websites is also crucial. Hundreds of links from low-quality websites will hurt your website’s backlink profile rather than improve it. Find websites, blogs, or business directories in subject areas that fit your own website and business. On the other hand, white label link building for SEO agencies can help with your business website.

white label link building for SEO agencies

Content marketing for food and drink companies

A very natural way to generate backlinks is to publish interesting, editorial guest posts on topic-related blogs. For example, you could write various instructions for future chiefs and healthy eating devotees and place links to the online shop at appropriate places.

In addition to the quality, the length of the posts is also crucial. An editorial contribution should in any case have more than 300 words. However, for even better results, you can post more than 1000 words. The text should not only be long but must also be so interesting for the visitor that he does not jump off in the middle and leave the page. The longer the visitor reads, the longer the visitor stays on the website.

Search engines associate a long visit with the quality of the content presented. This means that the longer the visitor has opened and reads a post, the more interesting it is for the search engine. Content marketing costs should always be included in your link-building budget.