Newest Trends in the Food and Drinks Industry

The American Hotel & Lodging Association predicts hotel occupancy will average 63.4% in 2022.

Hotels suffered greatly during the pandemic, and food and beverage teams have discovered that it is no longer wise to rely primarily on overnight guests for most of its revenues. With that in mind, they came up with new concept ideas that would benefit their client’s satisfaction.

Food and Drinks Newest Trends

Here are some of the latest food concepts that restaurants are starting to incorporate into their brands.

Local Definition Revision

Locally sourced goods like honey and fresh produce are still a priority at the Four Seasons hotels, but local culture is now receiving greater emphasis. Locals used to be about acquiring and purchasing products. Each hotel’s dining options aspire to highlight the local culinary traditions of the city or region where it is situated.

Introduction of “Brunch”

An advantage for hotels has been the rise in remote workers. Morning menus fill the demand as the company observes an increase in meetings over breakfast during the workweek. In addition to the usual assortment of omelets, frittatas, and eggs benny, the Four Seasons Hotel Boston now offers avocado toast with creative toppings and an acai bowl crafted with regional fruit.

Inventive Use of Flora

Hotel chefs praise vegetables and grains more and more on the menu. At Evelyn’s Fort Lauderdale, chef Brandon Salomon introduces specific veggies, such as carrots, and presents them in various ways. Squash blossoms filled with mushrooms are one of his specialties.