Proper Handling Of Food And Accessories

Delicious meals enrich everyday life and create a community in the family or among friends. To ensure that the enjoyment remains undisturbed, a few hygiene rules should be observed when handling food.

Food often does not show whether it is contaminated with pathogenic germs. Harmful microorganisms can then be transmitted unnoticed to other foods that come into contact with them, or indirectly via hands, work surfaces, and kitchen utensils. Therefore, be careful when handling food and cleanliness in the kitchen to protect yourself and others. Thus, chefs who want to buy gold apple watch band online should be careful with their jewelry when preparing meals.


Food storage

The proliferation of most bacteria can be slowed down or stopped by constant cooling. Perishable foods such as meat, fish, seafood, or dairy products must therefore always be transported and stored well-cooled.

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Prepare food properly by removing the apple watch band and other jewelry

To avoid contamination of food during preparation, you should pay attention to personal hygiene such as clean clothing and freshly washed hands, and clean fingernails. Some food businesses encourage their staff to remove jewelry on their hands when working.


Wash your hands before preparing meals and more often between tasks, especially:

  • after contact with raw food
  • before processing raw food
  • after contact with waste
  • before the meal

To prevent the transmission of pathogens that may be present in raw produce, you should process it without allowing it to come into contact with other foods.

Packaging and condensation water from meat and poultry should be disposed of immediately. All work surfaces and objects that have come into contact with them should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and washing-up liquid, in the dishwasher if possible.

You should use different kitchen utensils to prepare food that is to be eaten raw and food that is to be cooked. Clean thoroughly after use with water and washing-up liquid or in the dishwasher.


Cleanliness in the kitchen

Many germs can survive on surfaces and objects for some time, most bacteria can multiply particularly well in a damp environment. In order to prevent pathogens from being spread further and getting to your hands or food, you should pay attention to good hygiene not only when preparing food, but in the kitchen in general.