Proper Marketing Of Homemade Food And Drinks

Regional and local products are very popular with consumers. Freshness, taste and transparency are particularly convincing when it comes to food. It is a good prospect for everyone who wants to enter the regional food business with their own products.


Direct marketing is a trend

The enthusiasm for food from the region, maybe even from the neighbourhood, has led to more and more farmers marketing their produce directly. In farm shops, for example, customers have the opportunity to buy fruit and vegetables straight from the field. Other products are also often offered by the farmers, such as milk, eggs or honey.

Some farms establish themselves as their own brand. In any case, the prerequisites for this are good. The more conscious handling of food at the point of purchase opens up many possibilities in this regard not only for farmers.

For self-produced food, you don’t necessarily need a large farm. You can market it on a smaller scale. Honey, jam and other spreads, and spirits are just a few examples that can reach the consumer. These products can be from your own production and under your own brand.

From personal needs to business

In many cases, your own food business actually starts in a small circle. During the strawberry season, jam is made with fruit from the garden for your own storage cellar, the surplus goes to relatives, friends and acquaintances. With growing experience and a bit of experimentation, you can create your own designs which cause enthusiasm among the people you cared for.

In this way, the production for personal use becomes a new label for regional, seasonal products from your own production. The implementation is actually less easy and this does not even mean just the basic business knowledge that is needed for your own brand and your own company.

Sell ​​homemade groceries the right way

Once you clear the design and packaging issues, it is still a matter of finding the best food and drinks distribution channel. This is not an easy undertaking, despite the opportunities that arise. For instance, selling homemade jam in your own online shop is a convenient option.

Alternatively, online marketplaces and sales and members area (mitgliederbereich) platforms are worth considering.  Their tech experts can help you with the complicated digital world. The effort required is comparatively low, but the reach, depending on the platform, is all the greater.