SEO Tips For Your Gastro Website

A gastronomy website presents your company online and gives potential customers a first impression. Prospects often “visit online” restaurants or cafes first before deciding to actually visit. To find a restaurant, most users use a search engine like Google.

The first impression of a gastro website often decides whether a prospect becomes a customer or not. Your website is a great opportunity to draw the attention of potential customers to your culinary offerings. In order for users to find your website, you need a good seo company toronto.

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Find keywords for the gastro website and use them sensibly

The right keywords and synonyms ensure that the search engine finds your website. These are “popular” words that users frequently search for. Researching these terms and applying them to the right places is no easy task. The best way is to strike a balance between special and high-traffic searches. For example, keywords that no potential guest is looking for are of little use. Keywords for which the competition is too great to keep up are just as disadvantageous. Put the focus on a regional reference on your gastro website. These search terms will pick up your guests where their search terms match the service.


Optimize the gastro website for smartphones and tablets

Many customers call up information about gastronomy via their mobile devices. Few restaurateurs have the necessary experience to optimize their websites for mobile and tablets. Search engines like Google penalize websites that do not display properly on mobile devices. The so-called template should have a responsive design and look good on any screen size.

Link the gastro website internally and externally

Internal links help a search engine to better understand the structure of your gastro website. Link relevant content together and use the sitemap. Pages that use the same or related keywords are suitable for this. In addition, an XML sitemap helps the search engine to understand the structure of the website and to index it completely. In the best case, the XML sitemap updates itself automatically.

External links play an even more important role in SEO. If many links from other websites refer to your site, the search engine will rank your website better. However, “spamming” is not an effective and good solution. Instead, write high-quality comments, for example on other blogs and websites. Provide them with a suitable link to your own website. Likewise, the right forum will give you a ton of backlinks, thereby attracting new visitors to your site.