Sinigang as a Filipino Comfort Food

Nothing makes us feel better faster when we are sick, cold, and hungry than a hot bowl of soup. It’s all about the warm, comforting broth, which covers the entire inside from head to toe. It soothes our irritated throats through sipping the soup.


Normally, people’s usual go-to meal is chicken noodle soup, especially when they are sick or not feeling well. But, there’s this Filipino dish that seems to be the best comfort food for every Pinoy.

What Makes Sinigang Tasteful?


The Filipino equivalent of chicken noodle soup is called “sinigang”. However, there are no chicken or noodles in Sinigang. Sinigang is a famous Filipino delicacy or Filipino-style soup that is usually eaten in every Filipino household. 


It is frequently prepared with meat, ginger, taro, tomato, raw vegetables like kangkong, and long beans. When cooked in sinigang, taro root is similar to a potato but somewhat mushier and waxier. Sinigang has variations, it can be cooked with different meat, such as pork, beef, shrimp, chicken, and fish.


While the mentioned ingredients are all necessary for making delicious sinigang. The ingredient that gives the sinigang its unique flavor is tamarind. Therefore, the meal can also be so comforting to a sore throat because the tamarind adds a sourness to the soup.