Sipping into the Different Types of Red Wines

Red wine has been tempting people for hundreds of years with its beautiful colors and complicated flavors. But it can be scary to step into the world of reds. Do not worry, fellow wine lovers! This guide will show you what makes some popular types of red wine special, giving you the tools to start your own fun journey of discovery.

Full-Bodied Red Wines

Reds with full bodies are bold and beautiful. Here are some examples of it:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of red wines. It has strong tannins, intense tastes of blackcurrant, cedar, and dark chocolate, and it can age well.


Shiraz (Syrah in the Rhône Valley) is a full-bodied wine that can be enjoyed young or old. It tastes spicy and peppery, and has dark fruit notes like plum and cherry.

Medium-Bodied Red Wines

Medium-bodied reds that are fruity and attractive. Taste it through the following examples:

Pinot Noir

This wine is known for being elegantly complicated. It has a symphony of red fruit flavors, like cherry and raspberry, with hints of earth and spice. It doesn’t have as many tannins as full-bodied reds.


If you want to be attractive, Merlot is the wine for you. You can expect to taste plum, redcurrant, and black cherry. The body is velvety, and the tannins are easy to handle.

Light-Bodied Red Wines

Light and refreshing, these are the red wines with lighter bodies.


The star of Beaujolais, Gamay is a fruity and lively red wine. Because of its bright acidity and smells of red berries and violets, it’s a great choice for summer nights.


The strawberry, raspberry, and spice tastes in grenache make it juicy and refreshing. In Rhône wines, it’s often mixed with other grapes.


There are a lot of exciting things that can be done with red wines. There is a perfect red wine out there waiting to be found. They range from strong, powerful wines to charming, easy-drinking wines. So open a bottle, enjoy how each type is different, and find your new favorite!