Why Restaurants Should Consider Having Their Own Casual Mobile Game Like Coin Master

By the end of 2021, the sum of the gaming revenue is expected to reach 174 billion US dollars, wherein mobile gaming is going to account for 52% of the returns. Of the 52%, 43% of the returns will be coming from gaming on smartphones, whereas the 9% will be from gaming on tablets. Because of this, the global mobile gaming markets is estimated to top 121 billion US dollars.

Casual Mobile Games – Coin Master

Casual mobile games are played my many because they are simple and easy to play. One of these casual mobile games that have been downloaded over 100 million times as of February 2021 is Coin Master. Developed by the mobile game company, Moon Active, players are provided with Coin Master spins so as to be able to spin the virtual slot machine featured in the game.

With these spins, players can potentially win Coin Master coins and various game items and rewards which are used to build and advance their Viking village as well as be able to invade the villages of other players. Aside from creating your village, card trading is also part of the mobile game. The coins that players have collected could also be utilized to purchase chests that contains different numbers of collectible cards. If players are able to collect a set, Coin Master spins are rewarded to them.

Mobile Games as Marketing Strategy for Restaurants

Mobile games are usually developed and played for fun and entertainment. However, as mobile games have the power and capacity to catch the interest and attention of players for long periods of time, a lot of industries are making use of mobile games to spread brand awareness.

In the food and beverage industry, increasingly more restaurants are looking into or have already used mobile games or strategies on mobile gamification to make their brand known as well as draw in potential customers and maintain the loyalty of their existing ones.

Some restaurants have already incorporated the use of mobile gamification on their rewards mobile app. This is designed to not only attract their customers or guests, but also engage them on a much more profound level that evokes their emotions as well as encourage and enable them to participate in their interactive game that provides instant wins.

This is just one example of the way mobile technologies have unlocked opportunities for the food and beverage industry in providing entertainment as well as a new experience for their customers.