How Love Song Influences Tastes

You know that a visit to a restaurant is only half as nice without suitable background music.

But who is also aware that music can also directly influence your taste? Depending on the volume and genre, food can taste salty or sweeter, for example. Ketchup Music, the specialist for music room concepts in hotels, restaurants and retail, explains how background music not only creates a suitable atmosphere but also helps shape the culinary experience. Hearing my favorite love song on guitar in a restaurant can influence taste.

my favorite love song on guitar

Love song on guitar: The influence of volume

When you go to a restaurant, which music do you notice the most? Is it loud and intrusive music, or subtle sounds that promote the atmosphere? Many restaurants successfully use high-volume, high-speed music to increase sales and customer flow. However, such background music has the disadvantage that it is more difficult for you to fully perceive the taste of the food.

A study confirms this. Loud music reduces sweet and salty taste elements in drinks and food.

Unfortunately, the background music in restaurants that were not created by music professionals like Ketchup Music is getting louder and louder. In addition to a limited taste experience for the guests, this also leads to an increased health risk for employees in the catering trade.


Love song on guitar: The pitch makes it sweet or bitter

According to another study based on findings in experimental psychology, pitch influences the perception of sweet and bitter. High-pitched music is often associated with sweet or sour tastes. Music with a low pitch, on the other hand, intensifies bitter or heartier taste notes.

How was that found out? Subjects received two cups with supposedly different types of coffee. In fact, they were the same. If the test subjects listened to music with higher notes while drinking, their coffee seemed sweeter to them, while pieces with lower deflections, on the other hand, the coffee tasted bitterer.

So if you want a particularly sweet dessert, listen to high-pitched music.

It’s not just about music, it’s about how food sounds

Think about the sound of the food. You bite into a crunchy apple or a crispy crust. In addition to smell, appearance and taste, the sound of the food is essential for enjoyment.